8 ways Start a conversation with your crush over social media

How to start a conversation with your crush ?

by Miyakhel ihsan
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It might be scary to strike up a discussion with your crush, especially if you’re doing it on social media. But if you take the correct approach and have a little bit of confidence, you can start a discussion that is intriguing and engaging and perhaps even leads to more. The following advice can help you strike up a discussion with your crush on social media:

1.Start with a simple greeting

Saying hi and asking how they’re doing is one of the simplest methods to start a conversation. This may be a fantastic technique to start a new conversation. It can be enough to say “Hello!” or “How’s it going?” to initiate a discussion, which may then lead to more inquiries about their day or hobbies.

Beginning with a welcome also conveys confidence and a willingness to take the lead in conversation, both of which may appeal to your love. Overall, opening a discussion with your love on social media with a simple welcome is a quick and successful strategy.

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2.Comment on something they posted

Use your crush’s recent fascinating or humorous post as a starting point for a chat. You are welcome to enquire about the article or offer your own opinions. Ask them where they went and if they have any other favourite hiking areas, for instance, if they shared a picture of themselves trekking.

3.Ask them about their interests

Ask your sweetheart about their interests, hobbies, or favourite music if you’re unsure of what to chat about. By doing so, you may establish a connection and launch an intriguing and engaging conversation. If they have any forthcoming concerts or events they’re enthusiastic about, or if they have a favourite band or TV programme, you may question them about such things.

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4.Share something funny or interesting

Share whatever you’ve discovered with your crush if you believe they’d like it. You might include a humorous meme, an intriguing news story, or anything else you think they might enjoy. It might be a good icebreaker to bring up anything amusing or fascinating that you discover, since it will offer you something to chat about.

5.Use a shared experience as a conversation starter

Use a common experience or recent attendance at the same event as a means to strike up a discussion. You can share your own experiences or inquire about how they feel about the incident. For instance, if the two of you went to the same performance, you may inquire about their favourite song or whether they’ve seen the band previously.

6.Compliment them

Use the fact that everyone enjoys praises to your advantage. You might express your admiration for your crush’s looks, sense of humour, or any other quality that you actually find endearing. But be careful not to be too corny or false with your compliments.

7.Ask them for advice

Ask your crush for help if you’re having trouble with anything or have a concern. This might be an excellent technique to strike up a conversation and demonstrate your respect for their viewpoint. You may consult them for advise on anything, such as what movie to see or how to handle a challenging circumstance at work or school.

8.Keep it light and fun

Always keep in mind that the purpose of striking up a conversation with your crush is to learn more about them and to have fun. As a result, avoid taking things too seriously and don’t be afraid to have fun and be silly in discussion. Share a humorous anecdote from your personal experience or inquire about their favourite jokes. You can both feel more at ease and relaxed if you keep the discussion light and entertaining.

A word from Psychologysaga

In conclusion, it needn’t be difficult to strike up a discussion with your crush on social media. You may start a discussion that is fascinating, interesting, and perhaps even leads to something more with a little bit of self-assurance and imagination. So take a big breath, be genuine, and enjoy yourself!

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